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About the District

The Boulder Creek Volunteer Fire Department was formed in 1892 and the Boulder Creek Fire Protection District established in 1923.  The District is guided by a five-person Board of Directors who have staggered four-year terms.  The District covers 21 square miles of mountainous terrain and serves approximately 7,057 citizens.  Many people who live in Boulder Creek and Brookdale don’t realize they are protected by a volunteer fire agency.  The District currently has 40 dedicated volunteers who provide the same level of service as a paid fire department.  These firefighters come from all walks of life and responded to over 1300 calls for emergency service last year.  They train 3-4 hours weekly, 48 weeks out of the year, and participated in additional outside training.  Some types of emergencies we respond to are:  public service, vehicle accidents, medical aids, hazardous material incidents, vehicle fires, wildland fires and structure fires.

The District is funded through a small portion of property taxes.  Due to the decline in home values, spending must be done wisely.  The District has a separate fundraising arm.  This is the Boulder Creek Fire Department Inc., which is a non profit.  This group consists of fire department and community members who raise funds through various events such as pancake breakfasts (July 4), dinner dances (August), Crab Feeds (March) mailers and Christmas tree sales (November-December).

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