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Boulder Creek Fire Protection District Announces the Retirement of Fire Captain Dave Scruggs,  April 9, 2016 by Admin

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It is with our utmost respect and appreciation that we announce the retirement of Fire Captain Dave Scruggs. Dave started his volunteer firefighter career with the Boulder Creek Fire protection District in January of 1988.  He was promoted to Captain in 1999, and retired March 29, 2016.

Dave was a true volunteer firefighter missing holidays, birthdays and family events serving his community.  When the pager went off he always responded.  Dave had many accomplishments over the years.  He responded with strike teams to other areas of the state to fight wildland fires, oversaw purchasing EMS equipment, instructed training sessions, taught CPR classes, taught fire safety at the local schools, assisted with computers and software and designed and implemented the first District website

Over the years Dave gave back to his community by responding to thousands of emergency incidents as well as attending thousands of hours of training sessions.  If that wasn’t enough Dave was also active with numerous fundraising events.    He was able to do all of this while raising his 4 children with his wife Joanne, owning a house and working full time.

As a Captain Dave helped to guide the District to what it is today and I could always count on Dave.  Although he will no longer be active operationally, Dave will still continue to serve the District in an administrative capacity and I’m sure you will see him at future fundraisers.  On behalf of the District, thank you Dave, for your many years of dedication and service to the District and our community.

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