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Downed Power Line Precautions, December 9, 2014

May contain: utility pole, tow truck, vehicle, truck, and transportation

Just a reminder if you encounter wires that are down please keeps your distance from them. Even if wires are not arcing and sparking they could be live and kill you instantly. Our personnel never approach or touch wires down and treat them all as live. Frequently we are not able to stay at the scene of power lines down and we cordon off the area as safely as we can with yellow or red danger tape. Please observe these cordoned off areas as they are there for your safety.

Also, if you have an emergency please do not call the fire station as frequently we do not have personnel there to answer the phones. Always call 911 for emergencies as our dispatch center is trained to gather all pertinent information and will dispatch us quicker that you calling us directly.

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