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Prepare for El Niño Now, November 4, 2015 by Admin

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After four years of epic drought, and almost constant sunny weather, we may have forgotten what real rain looks like and where water goes during a major storm.  Changes to our home landscapes may affect the way rainwater flows near our house.  We may not know about leaky roofs or weakened tree limbs.  We may also have neglected water drainages from our roofs and properties.  The more prepared, the better you and your home will withstand this winter’s El Niño storms, which are forecast throughout California. Rainfall is expected to be at least normal, but there’s up to a 40 percent chance we could see considerably more.  We also need to be prepared to be stranded and without food, water or electricity for several days.  The time to prepare is now, not when the rain is falling hard and fast.  Below are a series of links and articles to help you prepare.  Please remember to NEVER approach a downed power line as it may kill you!

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