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Support Boulder Creek Firefighters,  August 24, 2020 by Aileigh McCormack

While we continue to do our best to protect our community and save as many homes as possible, it is inevitable that we will lose some homes. In this case some of our own firefighters and their families have already lost their homes while they were battling this fire.

This go fund me was set up by an outside source and is officially approved by the Boulder Creek Volunteer Firefighters. All funds will be set aside for our members and their families who have suffered property loss due to the fire.

Firefighters are humble by nature and its hard for us to ever ask for help. So please do not feel obligated to donate, as we know many of you are suffering as well. But please share this go fund me with your friends in the hopes that we can ease the suffering of our members and their families who are doing their best to cope with their loss while still fighting the good fight.

May contain: vehicle, transportation, truck, fire truck, and fire station

We also know we owe you all an update on the current fire situation. We’re doing our best to put an update together. It will come in due time but as we’re stretched thin on our resources it hasn’t been accomplished yet. Please know we want to share accurate info as soon as we can.


Your Boulder Creek Volunteer Firefighters

Click here: gofundme SLV Firefighters

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